Education Providers

With the high cost of the Australian dollar and the increased competition in the international education space, education providers are looking to all aspects of their business to determine how they can be more competitive and efficient. Before we launched this service, we had a number of private providers and even one university approach us about streamlining their arrivals service.

The common theme from these discussions was that every provider that educates international students has some form of help desk or international student services department. With limited budgets, but an increasing workload, it made sense these resources to be focussed on value-added, education provider specific advice and service. With a generic service like airport receptions and temporary accommodation it makes sense for education providers to benefit from the economies of scale provided by a business whose expertise is minimising and managing the workflow of a student arrival.

We have a seamless integration with the most trusted suppliers of limousine and accommodation services for our international students. Our technological integration ensures that flight details are not inadvertently mistyped, flight changes are immediately apparent to our drivers and students are given 1 page with all relevant detailed information about their pickup and accommodation.

If you would like to take advantage of this for your education provider, please sign up or email us at [email protected] for further information.